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Capitalize on the Main Street Adoption of Cryptocurrency  - $27,540.00 USD Listing ID: 6350959

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Listing Began: 1/29/17
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Your timing is perfect to get in on the forefront of a huge trend that will change society in a way
never before thought possible. In the same way that the Internet disrupted the mainstream
news media, that email disrupted the postal service, that Uber disrupted public transportation,
and that iTunes disrupted music publishing, This new technology trend will turn our banking
and financial systems upside-down. It will be bigger than all previous disruptive technologies
combined because it deals directly with the power structure of the existing establishment…

Imagine for a second, your own personal, peer-to-peer, electronic, cash system.

Imagine if there was no government or banking system telling you how you could and
could not use your own money.

Imagine if your transactions were private and no government, company or person could
know how much money you receive or spend.

Imagine if you could spend your money with anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any
amount, for whatever you want, immediately, with practically no fees.

Imagine if you could eliminate wild inflation of your currency because no one could just
create more of it out of thin air.

And imagine if the public ledger of all activity was open for everyone to see to prevent
any manipulation or corruption by the establishment or other bad actors.

This new technology trend has been developing and maturing for 7 years and will be adopted
by the mainstream public in the next 24 to 36 months. This is your opportunity to be prepared
to capitalize on this huge new trend. You will not only learn how to profit from the significant
gains of your electronic currency, but you will also learn how to profit from the infrastructure
supporting this new phenomenon that is right around the corner.

Nexxus has a solid business plan to provide consumer benefits to create buyer demand to build
real value for this electronic currency.

Imagine if you were an early promoter of credit card processing services and you were earning
nickels, dimes and quarters from millions of transactions. That opportunity is here again, but
this time with your own, electronic cash, owned and controlled by you and the people.
It is here to stay and cannot be stopped. The only question is, will you be prepared to capitalize
on the biggest technology trend of this and the last century.

Come join us and see how success can happen for you, when preparation meets opportunity

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